Borgezie Riviera with one thousand year guarantee  

Like the rest of the entire Borgezie range the Riviera is simply built to last forever, this unique guarantee is due to the fact of the lengedary build craftmanship of Borgezie and the very nature of the metals used. The Riviera is made from a combination of highly polished stainless steel and luxurious solid hallmarked sterling silver trim. The other first world patented feature is the fact that the heel and sole can be quickly and easily removed and replaced by the owner upon any sign of wear, with a limitless supply upon purchase.


The Borgezie Riviera Stiletto costs £995.00 / $1,680 / Euro 1,210 and is a true lifetime iconic design even for generations to come.  

(For sales and general enquires please call +44(0)7742343815 Or email [email protected] for any further information)